King Charles III: A Road To The Throne

90' | History/People | HD
LGI Media
Ever since his mother’s coronation in 1952, King Charles III was first in line to the throne. He carried out his royal duties for over 70 years as his mother, Queen Elizabeth II surpassed the longest reign of any other monarch in history. With the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth, King Charles III will soon be crowned; and with the family creating as many headlines as ever, what might Charles’ reign and the future of the Windsor’s look like?
In this revealing documentary, the life of King Charles III is put under the microscope. Insight from royal experts, journalists and historians, combined with captivating archive footage, brings the life of King Charles III to light; providing a fresh perspective of a man who waited longer than any other royal to inherit the crown. We look at the major events in his life; his childhood and teenage years, military service, career as a public servant, work for the Commonwealth and dedication to charity. We reveal his true personality, discovering his passions and beliefs, his successes and ambitions, to better understand a figure whose influence will spread across the world for years to come.


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