Canada, Surviving the Far North

50' | Nature/Wildlife | 4K
AUT 2022
Canada is a vast country. It has the largest intact forest on the planet, more than two million lakes and rivers and the longest coastline on Earth. The film begins in high summer in Hudson bay in Canada’s Far North, where polar bears have learned to ambush beluga whales, which visit warm river estuaries to breed. As Canada warms, its Pacific coastline also comes alive. In winter the temperatures plunge, across the vast boreal forests that cover much of central Canada. A Canada lynx hunts a snowshoe hare in an age-old duel, a great grey owl uses its impeccable hearing to try and catch a red-backed vole, northern flying squirrels share their collective warmth to survive in tree holes, and a pack of wolves work together to strategically drive a herd of caribou from a frozen lake in to deep forest snow. Survival in this land of boom and bust is all about helping one another, being totally in tune with the environment, and knowing how and when to act.


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