Believe – The History of Religion

5x52' | History/People | HD | 4K
The 5-part documentary series tells the fascinating story of one of the most important spiritual revolutions in world history. Between the ninth and second centuries B.C., religious and philosophical traditions emerged in four different parts of the world that have been of central importance to humanity ever since - and can still provide us with guidance today. Each of these worldviews responded to comparable problems with very similar answers. The forefathers of this spiritual-religious revolution - Buddha, Socrates, Confucius, and Ezekiel - did not seek to impose ultimate truth on people; they were not so much concerned with what one believed as they were with how one lived. The documentary series serves not only as a comprehensive history of the ideas behind our world’s religions, but at the same time as a powerful plea for reflection on the original sources of our faith, philosophy and and morality.


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