The Hummingbird Effect

50' | Nature/Wildlife | 4K
DEU 2023
While this country’s highly beloved pollinators, hummingbirds, go to work, the fruits of their labor bring neighboring wildlife to the feast. Scarlet macaws, monkeys and toucans pluck fresh fruit from the foliage, dropping juicy scraps and seed pods to the forest floor. At dawn, elusive Baird’s tapirs use their prehensile noses to sniff out a meal, devouring the fallen fruit, carrying the seeds of future forests in their bellies as they forage. In eye-popping cinematic style, "The Hummingbird Effect" captures the intricately linked creatures of the country’s lush environments, showcasing the dazzling hummingbirds at their heart and giving new meaning to the country’s motto, Pura Vida - Pure Life.


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