Mysterious Neuschwanstein Secrets of a Fairytale Castle

45' | History/People | HD
As famous as the Oktoberfest, Bavaria’s Neuschwanstein Castle attracts more than 1.5 million tourists every year. Even Walt Disney used it as inspiration for his fairytale castles. The castle was built for only one single person - Ludwig II, the Fairy Tale King and is inseparably linked to the tragic fate of the Bavarian king. Exclusive interviews, breathtaking new film and animation sequences reveal the making of an unreal place, somewhere between kitsch and genius - just like the mind of its inventor who was incapacitated shortly before his mysterious passing in Lake Starnberg in 1886. Is it the work of a prodigal madman or the brilliant conception of a misunderstood genius? One thing is for sure, it is the childhood dream of a king fallen out of time.


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