Lo Smemorato di Collegno

50' | History/People | HD
ITA 2014
Lilium Distribution
The story of the "Smemorato di Collegno", the man without identity interned in the asylum on the outskirts of Turin, was a resounding court case, which thrilled the Italian public opinion of the first post-war period.
It all begins with a publication dated 6 February 1927 on the "Domenica del Corriere" which depicts the image of a stranger, apparently devoid of memory, admitted for a year in the Collegno asylum. One woman, Giulia Canella, claims to recognize him as her husband: she is undoubtedly the professor of philosophy of Verona, who died in combat in Macedonia during the First World War, Giulio Canella. But when everything seems to turn towards a story with a happy ending, an anonymous report sent to the police station re-shuffles the cards: that man is actually Mario Bruneri, a Turin printer, prejudiced and wanted for fraud.


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