Stone Forest of Arshihaty

2x60' | Nature/Wildlife | HD
CHN 2020
The definition of °forest° is a large area made up of trees, but a forest can also be dominated by stones.
Arshihaty, (or Ashihatu) in the Mongolian language, literally means °precipitous peaks°. Arshihaty Granite Forest is the most famous granite forest in the world, one of a kind and of rare beauty. It is one of the eight areas of landscape and geological importance that possess volcanic, glacial and desert characteristics. The stone forest represents the relic of a Quaternary glacier. According to experts, the Arshihatu stone forest is the result of centuries of erosion: from the excavation and erosion of polar ice caps and glaciers and from erosion caused by a large amount of water, of glacial melting.
After millions of years of extraordinary work of nature, these great rocks have finally become as we see them today; they are very charming on the hillsides. Some are stone pillars, others look like stalagmites, others like stone walls, there are stone forests in the shape of large ships and fragile stones that almost seem to crumble but still maintain balance ... very favorable to the flora and fauna: there are large tracts of white birch and in the distance we could admire wild deers.
This documentary explores the mysteries of this enchanting landscape and reveals how these extraordinary landscapes were formed.


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